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Image by Gautier Salles

Utah Department of Health Links More Than 90 Percent of Vaping Hospitalizations to THC, Still Restricts Access to Tobacco Harm Reduction Products


Gov. Inslee's Proposed Flavor Ban Will Vaporize Tobacco Harm Reduction in Washington State

Image by todd kent

Misguided Massachusetts Vaping Ban Is a Wet Blanket on Tobacco Harm Reduction


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Link Majority Vaping-Related Hospitalizations to THC Products


Michigan Flavor Ban 

is Bad Policy


Policy Tip Sheet:

E-Cigarettes Could Save States Billions in Medicaid Costs


Policy Tip Sheet: Flavors Are Essential for Adult E-Cigarette Users

New Jersey1.jpg

New Jersey Proposal to Levy More Taxes on E-Cigarettes Would Harm Public Health


Defining E-Cigarettes as Tobacco Products and Restricting Access Would Threaten Harm Reduction in Ohio


Tobacco 21 Laws Do Not Reduce Youth
E-Cigarette Use


Image by Mercedes Mehling

Maine's Proposed Cigarette and Vape Taxes Would Hurt the Poor, Threaten Harm Reduction


Vaping Taxes Do Not Deter Youth Use of E-Cigarettes

Image by Holden Baxter

Floor Tax Would Vaporize Tobacco Harm Reduction Options in Nevada

Image by Balazs Busznyak

New Hampshire Should Avoid Draconian Taxes on E-Cigarettes and Vaping Devices

Image by Cosmin Serban

Hawaii Flavor Ban Will Negate Public Health, Harm Military Members

Image by Stephen Walker

South Dakota's Proposed Tax on Vaping Would Damage Tobacco Harm Reduction 

Image by Maddy Baker

Regressive Tax in New Mexico Will Punish Low Income Tobacco Users and Threatens Harm Reduction

Grand Canyon

Arizona Proposal to Classify E-Cigarettes as Tobacco Products is Disservice to Public Health

Image by Garth Pratt

Proposed Flavor Ban on Tobacco Harm Reduction Products Would Be Disservice to Public Health


Connecticut Health Department Lacks Transparency When Reporting Vaping-Related Hospitalizations


Oregon's Misguided Flavor Ban Is Disservice to Public Health, Unlikely to Reduce Recent Hospitalizations

Image by Benjamín Gremler

Flavor Ban Unlikely to Reduce Youth E-Cigarette Use, Does Not Address Hospitalizations, Will Vaporize Small Businesses in New York


More State Health Departments Link Recent Vaping-Hospitalizations to THC


Vaping-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths Linked to THC Products


Policy Tip Sheet:

E-Cigarettes Are Safer Than

Combustible Cigarettes

Image by Matthew Hamilton

Flavor Ban Restrictions Would Vaporize Tobacco Harm Reduction in California

Image by Osman Rana

Attention Bay State Lawmakers: Sin Taxes Do More Harm Than Good

Image by Rod Long

Wholesale E-Cigarette Tax Would Vaporize Harm Reduction in Alaska

Image by Kendall Scott

Proposed Colorado Cigarette and Vaping Tax Would Be Regressive, Unreliable, and Threaten Harm Reduction


Michigan Cigarette and Vaping Tax Would Do More Harm Than Good

Image by Steve Enoch

Illinois Should Not Tax E-Cigarettes and Vaping Devices

Image by Lance Asper

Florida Legislation Defines E-Cigarettes as Tobacco Products, Would Restrict Access


'Vaping 21' Laws Favor Cigarettes Over Tobacco Harm Reduction


Flavor Bans Would Snuff Out Vaping in New York


Arkansas E-Cigarette Tax Is Disservice to Tobacco Harm Reduction


Randomized Trial Finds E-Cigarettes Are More Effective Smoking 

Cessation Tool Than Nicotine Replacement Therapy


Virginia Should Not Increase Tobacco Age to 21

Image by Hunter James

Montana's Premature Flavor Ban Ignores Harm reduction, Unlikely to Reduce Recent Vaping-Related Hospitalizations


Updated CDC Report on Vaping-Related Hospitalizations Finds Nearly 80 Percent Linked to THC Products

Rhode Island's Flavor Ban Unlikely to Impact Vaping Hospitalizations as More States Link Illnesses to THC Products

Image by Kevin Young

Illinois Flavor Ban 

Would Vaporize Harm Reduction


Flavor Bans Do Not Reduce Youth

E-Cigarette Use


Policy Tip Sheet: Vaping Hospitalizations Likely Linked to Black Markets


Ohio's Misguided Vaping Taxes Would Do More Harm Than Good


Tobacco Tax Increases Would Hurt Low Income Persons, Vaporize Harm Reduction in

Rhode Island


Oregon Cigarette and Vape Tax Would Vaporize Tobacco Harm Reduction


Tobacco 21 Laws Do Not Reduce Youth
E-Cigarette Use


E-Cigarette Tax Will Vaporize Harm Reduction in the Badger State


Despite Scientific Evidence, More Americans Believe E-Cigarettes Are as Harmful as Tobacco Cigarettes


Arkansas Should Not Rely on Cigarette and Vaping Taxes for Income Tax Relief

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

E-Cigarettes Help Military Members Quit Smoking


Washington E-Cigarette Tax Will Vaporize Tobacco Harm Reduction

Image by Gautier Salles

Utah's Proposed E-Cigarette Tax Will Snuff Out Harm Reduction


Vermont's Draconian Tax Will Snuff Out Tobacco Harm Reduction


Washington State Should Refrain from

Raising Tobacco Age

to 21

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